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How to insert pictures


(For Instructions see 

How to Select or Replace a Page Layout or Template)

Q:  How to add Images to my project?

A:  Click the My Images tab in the upper left then drag and drop your images onto the page from your photo image tray.  You can lock the image tray open with the pin under the tray on the far right. Used images will have a number indicating how many times they have been selected.  You can also add Facebook Album images by clicking on the Facebook icon nest to Upload Images.  Unfortunately, only My Images can be saved in your account, so only upload those Facebook images you will use in a session.

You can move images within a page by clicking the blue square in the upper left corner of the image you want to move and dragging the image to the new location.

Q:   How big should my JPG image files be?

A:   Typically, a file that is around 5 MB in size will provide excellent quality output in any of our book options, while files larger than 7 MB work very well for large wall art pieces. Generally, the larger the file, the more information it contains and the higher resolution it will be.

Q:   What do the Red and Orange triangular warning signs mean?

A:   Our system will alert you if a photo you have placed in your project is 150 DPI or less (yellow warning) or 72 DPI or less (red warning.) You can still proceed with your order, but if resolution is a concern, then it may be better to save that photo for a smaller container or find a higher-quality photo. For Wall Art items, the yellow warning is less of a concern, since the product is typically viewed from a distance – consider it more of an FYI. However, if you get a red warning on your photo, we recommend finding a higher quality image to use.

Q:   How can I make my image brighter / enhance my images?

A:  Click on the yellow pencil icon in your picture box (must contain an image) and the photo property editor will appear on the left side. Slide the bars to adjust your image.

Q:  How do I reposition an image on the page?

A:  You can click the yellow sun icon in the middle of your image to pan your image.  You can also use the Flip and rotate buttons on the image toolbar that is on the right side of your screen.  The yellow corner and side handles also allow you to move the image.  The grey areas around the perimeter of your project are safety zones where you should not place copy or key areas of your image.

Q:  Can I add more image frames to a page layout of template?

A:   Yes, select Add Frame from the toolbar on the left side of your screen.  You can click on the frame to move it around your page.  You can change the size of the frame by clicking on the outer corners and sides.  Drag and drop an image onto the frame.  Follow instructions above to enhance and reposition your image.

Q:  Can I Autofill by book pages with images.

A:  Yes, but first you have to select all your page layouts or templates before you start adding Autofill images.  To use Autofill, click Image Tools in the top left.  Select All or Unused and Book or Page.  Make sure your images are loaded in the correct order within My Images, if that is important, before you Autofill.

Q:  How do I delete images?

A: On the top left corner of the image you would like to delete click on the blue square icon and follow the instructions.  You can also use the Remove Image button on the image toolbar that is on the right side of your screen

Q:   How do I undo / redo an action that was done incorrectly?

A:  In the middle of the toolbar menu on the left side of the page you will find two arrows to Undo and Redo any of your actions.

Q:   How to I change the order or move pages?

A:   Click on the page you would like to move and then use the page navigation buttons at the very left edge of your page tray along the bottom of your screen.

Q:   How do I add / delete pages in my online project?

A:   Page counts are fixed and cannot be changed so select the appropriate number of pages when you begin your project. 

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