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How to insert text
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Q:   How to I add text to my page?


A:   If your layout or template has an existing placeholder text box double click on Double-Click to Change.


A text toolbar will appear on the left side of the screen and you can add copy, select fonts, change font size and colour, add drop shadows, change alignment and bold, italics and underline.


If there is not an existing text box on your layout and you would like to add one

Select Add Text from the toolbar on the left side of your screen.  You can click on your rext box to pan it around your page.  You can adjust size by clicking on the outer corners and sides.

Double click on Double-Click to Change as per above to add and edit copy and copy effects.


Q:   Can I use my own fonts on the Online Editor?

A:   No, the number of fonts under this platform is fixed.


Q:   Will someone at photoroost correct or enhance my photos before printing?

A:   To ensure your product turns out just the way you want it, photos are not altered in any way before they are printed. Although it’s normal for the colours in a printed product to differ slightly from how they are displayed on a computer screen, what you see in our online creation tool is exactly how we’ll produce your product.


Q:  Will someone at photoroost proofread my project before printing?


A:  Please proofread your project carefully as we do not provide this service for you. You are responsible for our own text.  To spell check your text, copy and paste it into a word processor, run the spell checker, and copy the text back into the text editor.


Q:   Can I save my project and come back to it later?


A:   Absolutely. When you click ‘Save and Exit’ in the upper right corner of the online creation tool, your project will safely reside in the cloud. To access your saved project list, simply login, then select ’Saved Projects’ from the My Account menu.


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